Master of Social Sciences in Health and Social Services Management (MHSM)

MHSM programme is a one-year full-time or two-year part-time advance programme that aims to prepare a new generation of social service practitioners and allied health managers to provide progressive and innovative solutions to complex challenges of the ever dynamic health service delivery systems.
It adopts a multidisciplinary and internationally recognized approach to provide students with skills in providing services in an ageing and a rapid technology-developed society. It will equip students with necessary management skills to lead and manage teams, to plan and implement services and to work effectively with service users and stakeholders.
Why study the MHSM Programme
Innovative Programme Structure and Curriculum
  • Provides skills in leading and managing teams in health and social service settings
  • Focuses on gerontology and Gerontechnology
    • Students are introduced to existing and emerging assistive technologies in delivering health and social services to different vulnerable groups such as the elderly, mentally ill and other sick persons, carers, disadvantaged children and youth.
  • Combines discussions on both orthodox medicine and Chinese medicine
  • Offers theoretical and experiential components for a balanced study experience
    • The theoretical discussions are delved into practical management issues meant to strengthen students' analytical skills and career prospects.
  • Some courses entail laboratory activities and field visits. Equips students with advanced research skills for work and further studies
  • Multidisciplinary perspectives to course delivery
    • The programme adopts an eclectic approach to provide students a holistic perspective in managing health and social services.
International Learning Experience
MHSM courses are delivered by a teaching team of internationally trained and experienced scholars and practitioners. The courses are sensitive to local, international and global debates about health and social services management. Specifically, students shall have:
  • Opportunities for international student exchange (e.g., summer school at the University of Oxford)
  • Regular seminars and workshops led by invited international scholars and professionals in related fields
Excellent Career Opportunities
Graduates of the programme can take positions in several areas in both private and public sectors including:
  • Civil servants
  • Project managers/coordinators
  • Training officers
  • Nursing and healthcare alliance managers
  • Patient advocates
  • Project operations executive
  • Research officers
  • Prevention officer in health services
  • Outreach health workers
Further Studies
Lingnan University offers a Doctor of Policy Studies. Students can also apply for doctoral studies in other local and overseas universities.
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